Our Gluten Free Cravings | Savory

Have a craving?  Have a recipe.


Lately, I have been craving food from my old life, like cream puffs and delicate pastries.   Elaborate desserts that were once so readily available and easy to find.   Now a days, gluten intolerant individuals have an easier time than ever before finding gluten free alternatives, but I still have trouble finding those really, really delicate pastries that flake and crunch or have little swirly chocolate decorations.


I know that there are so many talented gluten-free bloggers and bakers that have tested and striven to make these hard-to-find foods accessible in our own kitchens, no less!


Here is the list is glorious and delicious detail.


Gluten Free Pretzels from Sweet Nothings in the Kitchen



Gluten Free Ravioli from Jules Gluten Free



Gluten Free Hamburger Buns from FiddleHeadsCuisine



Gluten Free Cornbread from GlutenFreeGirl



Gluten Free Naan from FireandSalt




Gluten Free Brioche from Cannelle et Vanille



Gluten Free Baked Falafel from MomWhatsForDinner


Stay tuned for tomorrow… Our Gluten Free Cravings | Day 2: Sweet



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